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Daily updated information about commercial real estate across the Alaska state. Our Alaska Commercial Property For Rent listings includes industrial spaces, apartments, retail spaces, office spaces and other flex use spaces for rent and sale.

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Alaska occupies the largest area among the rest of the US states. It is located on the northwest of the United States. Climate varies in the state: it is moderate marine on Pacific Ocean coast, and north-polar subarctic continental on the opposite part of Alaska. Beforetime Alaska was a part of imperial Russia Thanks to joining this area to the US, the US area was increased by 5. Alaska also includes: Aleutians, Saint Lawrence Island, Kodiak island, Pribilof Islands, and pacific offshore coastal strip—Ā with islands of Alexandrovsky archipelago. Alaska borders with Canada on the east, and with Chukot Peninsula (Russia) through Bering Strait.

Businessmen like Alaska because of gold-bearing minerals discovered at the beginning of XX century. Since that, emigrant from all over the world come to Alaska. Population of Alaska increases from year to year. Actually this is the richest state thanks to its gold mines, plural sources of mineral and fuel resources. Economic of the state is stationary primarily due to fishery more than oil and gas.

The main cities of Alaska where commercial real estate is in requisition are: Anchorage, Ketchikan, Sitka, and Skagway. Anchorage is the largest city in the state. There are center of excellence of the largest oil and coal mining companies.

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