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United States is a country of unlimited possibilities, good education, thriving agriculture and intense industrial development. People start a new life coming to the US quality education for children, beautiful living for family. A good business condition for foreign nationals is a great opportunity to start a profitable business here.

One of the most attractive factors for moving to the United States is a high economic level in every state, support for state, immigrant programs, and also stunning natural surroundings and the opportunity to stay in that climate zone which is most friendly for your family.

In the US, a dream could come true. The main thing is to choose the interesting state for you and know exactly what you want.

U.S. real estate market offers a variety of homes, from large houses to modest cottages.

Currently there are a few search options in the US real estate market. Many people do their own search in Internet, newspaper ads etc. However, the most renters prefer working with a real estate agency. Typically, these agencies take about 10-15% of the annual rental cost for their services. Who will pay this fee to the agency depends on a particular city.

Usually a contract I signed for one year. If a renter decides to move out before this term, he has to find a replacement (another renter). Sometimes renter just breaks the agreement because a house is located in cheap place and nobody will sue for it.

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